You Can Soon Catch One Of The World’s Longest Flights Out Of Texas

Get ready to time travel – there’s a new long haul flight out of Texas and it’s one of the longest in the world.

United Airline’s new flight from Houston to Sydney, Australia is the third longest route in the world by flight time. It clocks in at 17 hours and 20 minutes. United actually operates eight of the world’s ten longest flights by U.S. carriers.

What’s more, this new Houston-Sydney flight will let you do some serious time magic on the way back. You’ll actually land almost an hour earlier in Texas on the same day you took off in Australia. Of course, your jet lag might argue otherwise.

The route covers 8.596 miles and has its inaugural flight on January 18. Tickets for the first flight were sold at about $1,200 one-way for economy class and almost $7,200 in business class. Don’t worry though – round-trip tickets in the coming months are priced at about $1,090 for economy and $7,600 for business class.

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