This Airline Is Having A Winter Sale With Tickets For Just $49

Southwest Airlines is having a huge sale that will have you ditching your scarves and sweaters in favor of bathing suits and shades.

The airline is running a flash sale this week with super cheap flights for as low as $49. Fares can be booked for travel this winter and next spring, and the destinations included in the sale are definitely tempting.

Depending on your origin city, you can book tickets to Orlando for $85, fly to San Diego for $49, and hop over to the Cayman Islands for just $71. Folks in the northeast can also expect to find tickets to places like Washington D.C., Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City for under $90.

The sale will only last until Dec. 13 at midnight, so hurry up and book these holiday treat fares as soon as possible.

Click here to check out the sale and start planning your post-holiday getaway today.