You’re Going To Love These U.S. Winter Predictions

If you’re not a huge fan of winter chill, you’ll love the latest predictions for this year’s upcoming cold season.

Scientists are predicting a very mild winter this year for most of the United States. Warmer-than-average conditions are expected across the southern two-thirds of the continental U.S., along the East Coast, across Hawaii and in western and northern Alaska.

Data from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center suggests that the first freeze of the year will come late for both coasts – perhaps even later than last year, which was a full two weeks later than the 20th century average.

The east coast will see the most dramatically late winter, but over two thirds of America will notice a definite delay in the first frost of the year. Additionally, the data suggests that temperature will begin to rise earlier in spring 2018. In general, experts expect the northern U.S. to experience a cool, wet winter while the south will see a warmer and drier season. The most northern reaches of the west coast may experience a slightly chillier season.

Winters across the country have been warming up over the last decade, and this new forecast suggests the trend will continue.