Windows Could Be Disappearing From Planes In The Next Few Years

Windowless commercial planes could soon be a reality, according the the president of a major airline.

Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airlines, recently told the BBC that he envisions a future where passenger planes don’t actually have windows. The reason? Planes without windows are lighter, which means that the aircrafts could fly faster and higher without burning as much fuel.

Instead, passengers may have to get used to the idea of simulated windows. These window-shaped screens would display a video feed from the outside of the plane via a lag-less fiber-optic camera system.

Despite sounding like something from science fiction, virtual windows are already a reality on some Emirates flights. Last year, the airline debuted a first class cabin where every seat was a window seat. The seats along the middle of the plane had fake visual windows built into the walls the suites.

We can’t say we’re excited for a window-less future, but experts are saying these types of planes could be debuted as soon as within the next 10 years.

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