Washington, D.C. Has Been Named The World’s Second Best City To Visit In 2020

Searching for an amazing vacation destination as the new year approaches? The world is full of fantastic possibilities, but there’s one city here in the United States that promises to deliver an incredible experience without completely emptying your bank account. That’s right: Lonely Planet recently identified Washington, D.C. as the second best city to visit in 2020, which means that you can experience a first-class locale without digging out your passport. From history to art to outdoor beauty, there’s plenty to adore about our nation’s capital. Simply book your ticket and let the countdown begin.

Do you think Washington, D.C. is deserving of its coveted spot on this year’s list? Have you visited any of the other top ten selections from Lonely Planet? Be sure to share your opinions and recommendations with us by leaving a comment below!

If you need another reason to book your flight, check out our piece about D.C.’s recent safety ranking.

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