A Virtual Reality Spa Treatment Is Now Available In Las Vegas

If you’re a techie who also loves being pampered, this new virtual reality spa treatment in Las Vegas might be right up your alley.

Guests at the Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas can now treat themselves to a luxurious spa experience that combines a VR headset with opulent lotions, creams, and massage.

Called Mindful Touch, the treatment immerses individuals in vivid scenes of nature with an instructive voiceover that guides guests through relaxation and mindfulness techniques. All the while, spa technicians apply various treatments to the body and perform facials, wraps, and massages.

The entire experience is finished off with a facial mask of powdered pearl, gold dust, and rose. Guests will also be sent on their way with a goodie bag of spa products to use at home.

The treatment isn’t cheap; at $555 a pop, most people will probably only opt for a single session. However, if you do decide to come back for round two, you can expect to see different VR visuals. That’s because the system is purportedly responsive to each individual’s mental state.

Sounds like an indulgent way to spend all those Vegas winnings!