The One Airline That Could Soon Be Sending You Out Into Space

Commercial airlines have been around for what feels like ages now, becoming one of the most common forms of travel around the world. And with 2017 being named the safest year ever for commercial air travel, it makes sense that the first commercial voyage out into space would be planned to take place in 2018. Virgin Galactic is on track to complete its first suborbital test flight by April; find out what’s in store for those who plan to travel on it.

To get a better look at what’s to come for Virgin Galactic, check out their video below!

To stay up to date with what’s going on with Virgin Galactic you can check out their official Facebook page here or take a look at their website.

If money wasn’t a concern, would you buy a ticket to fly on the VSS Unity? Share with us your thoughts in our comments on this latest development in space travel!

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