Virgin Galactic Will Be Sending People Into Space By Christmas

If you’ve been yearning to explore the final frontier and don’t mind dropping quite a bit of cash to do so, Virgin Galactic’s latest news will definitely make your day.

Founder Sir Richard Branson has announced that he’s planning to send his company’s first space tourists into orbit before the end of 2018. Passengers aboard the VSS Unity shuttle will be rocketed 50 miles above Earth at a rate of up to 2,300 miles per hour… in eight seconds.

So how much does a seat on one of these spaceships cost? A spot on the waitlist runs a cool $250,000 per traveler.

There are currently about 750 people ready and waiting for launch aboard Virgin Galactic’s shuttles. The company has paused further sign-ups until after the first few flights prove successful, but if a trip to space sounds like a dream come true to you, keep an eye on its website and Facebook page for updates.

Keep your eyes on the skies this Christmas for more than just reindeer this year!

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