This East Coast Airport Has A Vending Machine That Sells Handmade Local Gifts

You know the struggle: you’re about to catch your flight back home when you realize you forgot to pick up a souvenir for your loved one. Rather than forcing forgetful travelers to scour airport gift shops in search of a trinket that doesn’t seem last-minute, one New Jersey airport has come up with a brilliant solution to this common problem.

Newark Liberty International Airport has installed a pair of vending machines in Terminal A that dispense unique, locally crafted gifts.

The machines are run by SouveNEAR and are packed with items like jewelry, soaps, patches, baby clothing, temporary tattoos, homemade candy, pins, and t-shirts. Everything is made by local New Jersey and New York artists.

These vending machines are also located in other spots across the country including Oakland Airport, Kansas City International Airport, a Marriott hotel in Emeryville, California, and in the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco.

The vending machines have been huge hits with travelers so far. Here’s hoping that our days of trying to pass off an airport keychain as a souvenir are behind us.