A New Uber Lounge Just Opened In This East Coast Airport

New York-LaGuardia’s Terminal B is now how to a new perk for passengers – a tiny lounge dedicated to people waiting for their Uber.

Users of the ride-sharing app can now hang out at the Uber Rider Center while they hail their car from the app. This is a welcome change to the former ride-sharing situation at LaGuardia, where passengers were forced to catch a shuttle to a remote spot in order to hop in an Uber.

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The Uber lounge includes a few amenities that newly arrived travelers will love. There are outlets for charging your phone so you can be sure you’ll have enough battery to locate your Uber and reach your destination, and Uber representatives are on hand to help riders if needed. If you need to cancel or reschedule a ride, they’ll help you do that with minimal stress.

Getting a ride home from the airport usually involves a bit of chaos, especially with all that confusing signage and hectic parking to negotiate. Hopefully, this new Uber lounge will make getting out of the airport just a little easier.