Uber May Soon Be Rolling Out Self-Driving Scooters And Bicycles

If Uber has its way, the streets will soon be filled with legions of self-driving scooters and bikes.

At a DIY Robotics event earlier this week, the ride-sharing company announced plans to develop self-piloted bikes and scooters. Uber said the initiative is part of its plan to focus on “micromobility” and embrace new ways of getting around.

The company’s vision involves launching self-driving scooters and bikes that are able to drive themselves back to charging stations after being used. Currently, many ride-sharing companies hire people to collect bikes at night in order to charge them for the next day.

Switching to self-directed scooters and bikes would save companies like Uber a large amount of money, but the program is still in its infancy. We’ll have to wait a while longer to summon autonomous Uber bikes.