The New Technology That Could End Plane Turbulence For Good

A new technology could mean the end of bumpy flights.

Boeing has just announced that the company is testing a new technology that can better detect potential turbulence, allowing pilots and planes to avoid bumpy conditions.

The new tech sounds like something from the future: the system will use long-range lidar lasers to spot turbulence more than 10.9 miles seconds ahead of the aircraft. The lasers will be affixed to the nose of the plane and will give crew a heads-up before the aircraft enters shaky territory.

The advance warning would give pilots the opportunity to potentially divert the flight or allow wcabin crew a chance to secure the cabin before turbulence strikes.

Most of us associate turbulence with nervous jitters and spilled drinks, but unexpected severe turbulence can lead to serious injury. This new tech will make cruising the skies safer and more pleasant for us all.

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