The TSA Secretly Follows Certain People Around The Country

A new report just published in The Boston Globe has revealed that The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) secretly follows certain people around the country.

The program is named “Quiet Skies,” and many are questioning its legality. The people followed by the TSA are not on any terrorist watch lists or under investigation by any other agency.

Air Marshalls will board flights with individuals deemed “suspicious” and follow them around the country for up to 90 days. On any given day, there are between 40 and 50 targeted passengers on domestic flights.

The program apparently started in 2010 and is meant to gather information about individuals who could become potential security threats. Frequent flights abroad, sleeping or not sleeping for the entire flight, weight loss, and new tattoos are all cited as potentially suspicious behaviors and markers.

There’s no way of knowing who is on the Quiet Skies’ watchlist or whether the program has succeeded in preventing any dangerous activity.