Here’s The One Thing That Ninety Percent Of Travelers Absolutely Hate

We all know how important comfort is while traveling, but it turns out that most people think you can get a little too comfortable on a plane.

According to Expedia’s recent Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study for 2018, about 90 percent of travelers absolutely hate one thing: bare feet on a plane.

Surprisingly, the distaste for bare feet was far more universal than other common air travel pet peeves. For example, only 51 percent of respondents said that seat-kicking is the ultimate annoyance.

Other top offenders included excessively chatty fellow passengers and inattentive parents. People also did not look too kindly on passengers who drink too much or complain to flight attendants.

The survey did distinguish between truly bare and sock-clad feet, so if you really can’t manage a few hours without your shoes off, just be sure you have some socks in your carry-on.