You Might Soon Be Able to Get A Train Straight To Disney World From Miami

Disney fans rejoice! There may soon be a better, faster way to get from Miami to Disney World in Florida.

Travel and tech mogul Richard Branson has just revealed plans for a new Virgin Trains USA hub, and it’s based right in Miami. Called Virgin MiamiCentral, this service will allow travelers to book a trip straight from Miami to the Disney park in Orlando.

This is a big deal, as getting from Miami to Disney World currently involves driving or taking a number of different public transport options. And this new high-speed rail service won’t just take you to Orlando – a spokesperson for the company said they expect the train to go right to park’s doorstep.

Of course, Virgin MiamiCentral is still in the planning phase. The company estimates it will take between 30 and 36 months to build, so don’t expect to be whizzing into Disney World before 2021.