Tour Buses Are Now Banned From This Popular West Coast Landmark

It’s now just a little harder to visit one of San Francisco’s most iconic spots. Tour buses have just been banned from the street that passes in front of the Full House property. This T.V. landmark is the Victorian house that the Tanner family called home in the popular sitcom.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Board of Directors approved a measure on Tuesday that prohibits tour busses and commercial vehicles that seat more than nine people from Broderick Street in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights.

The measure was passed to reduce vehicle traffic on the residential street and to prevent large vehicles from using up local parking spots (and occasionally illegally parking in resident spaces) just to allow tourists to pose in front of the house for a photograph.

You can still visit the Tanner residence on Broderick Street, but you’ll have swing by on your own.