This Is What California Would Look Like If It Was Divided Up Into Three Different States

A proposed November ballot measure could see California divided up into three different states.

Billionaire and venture capitalist Timothy Draper has just announced that he has gathered 600,000 signatures on a petition to split up California. That’s enough to get the measure known as “CAL 3” onto the November 2018 ballot.

So what are the details of Draper’s plan? The Golden State would be divided into three segments – Northern California, Southern California, and California. Each would have their own separate state governments and economies.

Under the proposal, Northern California would include the Bay Area and everything up to the Oregon border. Southern California would include most of central California, including Orange County, San Diego, and even a large portion of Mono County. The new state of California would keep Los Angeles and coastal areas up to Monterey and San Benito.

Supporters of CAL 3 argue that California is simply too big for one state government to adequately represent the needs of hugely diverse populations and economies.

Sound wacky? The measure isn’t without precedent. A failed attempt at splitting the state in two occurred as recently as 2000, and there have actually been more than 200 attempts to change the shape of California since 1849.

Even if the California populace votes to divide the state into three, the measure would still need to be approved by the federal government and ratified by the president.