Airbnb Will Now Let You Split The Cost Of Your Vacation Rental With Friends

Great news for all of us who like to travel in packs – Airbnb will now let you split the cost of a rental with other guests. Say goodbye to mental math and hounding friends to pay up for their portion of the cost.

The company’s new split pay tool will allow travelers to divy up reservation costs without resorting to putting it all on one card and reimbursing someone after the fact. Here’s how it works.

One person initiates the reservation and then invites friends to pay using a special link or email. The tool automatically splits the final sum into shares and each person is told what they owe. The reservation won’t be official until everyone pays their portion. The group has 72 hours to settle up before the reservation is cancelled and individuals who have already paid are refunded either a portion or all of their payment, depending on the host’s refund policy.

Though you are allowed to pay for someone else’s share (say, if your friend completely forgets and the reservation is about to expire), you might want to consider if this friend is really good for it before you negate the benefit of this awesome new tool.

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