This U.S. Airline Has Vowed To Not Introduce Basic Economy Fares

If you’re not a fan of basic economy class, Southwest Airlines feels your pain. The carrier has just announced that it won’t be rolling out the low-cost class in the future.

Basic economy usually involves cramped seating, no seat selection, no complimentary extras like snacks or drinks, and a limit on how much baggage customers can bring into the cabin. Though choosing basic economy also means passengers will usually get a cheap flight, many people dislike the no-frills experience.

“You’re not going to see basic economy from Southwest. We have, we think, better opportunities that fit our brand. I love the fact that we’re different, and they unbundle and we don’t,” CEO Gary Kelly said on Thursday, according to Skift.

Southwest is famous for allowing passengers two free checked bags on every flight. Though the airline has discussed introducing new fees to its tickets, at least the dreaded basic economy fare won’t be coming any time soon.