Here’s How People Usually Try To Sneak Into First Class, According To Flight Attendants

If you’ve ever shuffled by an inviting first class seat on your way back to economy, you can probably understand the urge some people have to simply relocate to a cushier class rather without paying that premium fare.

The Daily Mail reported that people tend to use the same common methods to sneak into first class, according to flight attendants and crew.

Apparently, the most common tactic is to sneak into an empty first class seat and simply…hide under a blanket. The crew is usually quick to notice and send the passenger back to their section.

Another method involves telling the crew that you have “a doctor’s note” saying that you can’t ride in economy class. In that case, flight attendants report charging the passenger the full price of the upgrade and giving them a receipt to bring to their health insurance company.

Most crew said that the consequences for grabbing a seat that isn’t yours is usually limited to embarrassment in front of fellow passengers, but that some seat-switchers are made to pay the full cost of the upgrade once they land as a penalty, even if they were not allowed to sit in the premium seat during the flight.

Sounds like trying to sneak into first class is a lot harder than most of us imagine.