This New Smart Plane Can Tell If Your Seat Is Reclined And When You’re In The Bathroom

A new type of plane may be able to collect data about passenger activities, including things like seat position and lavatory use

A new “Connected Cabin” concept was displayed by Airbus at the APEX Expo in Boston in September. The concept involves using smart technology to gather information about activities in the cabin of a commercial plane.

The data collected ranges from how many passengers are reclining their seats, if the lavatories are in use, how many soft drinks are left, and if cooking equipment is locked into place.

The flight crew onboard the plane would have access to this information and carriers could use it to make planes more efficient, thus reducing check-in and boarding time. It could also give airlines data that might help increase revenue and design more comfortable planes.

This concept hasn’t been put into practice yet, but planes of the near future could be a lot smarter than those in the air today.