Welcome To The World’s Smallest KFC Where They Make Tiny Fried Chicken

If you haven’t smiled yet today, this will do it: a tiny KFC opened in Portland, Oregon and they served thimble-sized buckets of chicken.

The World’s Smallest KFC opened on December 16 and started dishing out tiny meals. Like, meals fit for a Beanie Baby. Everything – chicken, mashed potatoes, button-sized cookies – was hand-prepared in a miniature KFC kitchen using actual tiny implements and appliances. There was even a minuscule Dr. Pepper machine.

The shop was located at 919 NW 23rd Avenue for a day before closing its doors to new customers. Visitors hoping for a taste of the goods had to lay on the ground and stick their heads into the tiny front doors of the restaurant. A normal-sized human hand would them pass them a decidedly abnormally sized $5 fill-up box, complete with chicken and all the fixings.

No word yet on whether the World’s Smallest KFC will making a repeat appearance on the streets of Portland, but watching the mesmerizing video below from YouTube channel “Bistro Miniature” will give you a glimpse inside this wee chicken eatery.