Self-Driving Hotel Rooms Could Soon Be A Reality In America

Getting from the airport to your hotel room can feel like the longest drive ever. However, this new design for a mobile, self-driving hotel room could make the experience way better.

Los Angeles-based April Design Studio just submitted a plan for a hybrid hotel and self-driving car to hotel design competition Radical Innovation. It works like this: an Autonomous Travel Suite (ATS) picks up a traveler from the airport or their home. Each suite is basically a sleek, compact, self-driving RV with amenities like a memory foam mattress, mini bar, and bathroom.

The ATS then drives itself to a larger Autonomous Hotel and docks there, becoming part of a Parent Suite and forming one segment of a larger room or suite. The hotel itself would offer amenities like a gym and restaurant. The more ATS’s that dock at the hotel, the larger it becomes.

The winner of the Radical Innovation contest will be announced on October 3, and there’s $10,000 in prize money at stake. Here’s hoping self-driving hotel rooms are in our future.