These New Airplane Seats Make Passengers Stand Up For Their Whole Flight

Just in case you didn’t think planes could get any more cramped, consider this bizarre stand-up seat design.

The SkyRider 2.0 is an “ultra-high density” seat designed to fit even more people on planes by having passengers stand nearly upright the entire time.

Though they’re just a concept for now, manufacturer Aviointeriors thinks they could help airlines maximize aircraft space and sell even more tickets. In theory, such seats would be used for short-haul flights between nearby states or cities.

They resemble rollercoaster seats in that the passenger perches on a “saddle” and remains mostly vertical for the duration of the journey.

Thankfully, the SkyRider does face a few hurdles. Safety regulations require a certain amount of space between passengers’ heads and the top of the plane due to turbulence concerns, so airlines would have to nix large overhead compartments. Furthermore, there would be no room for under-seat stowage.

While these bizarre saddle seats aren’t being considered by any major airlines just yet, they could be part of a more distant aviation future.