More Than 300 Futurstic Scanners Are Coming To Airports Across America

Struggling to get through security with all your belongings (and nerves) intact may soon be a thing of the past. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has just announced the release of new high-tech scanners.

These scanners use a technology known as computed tomography and will hopefully eliminate the need for travelers to remove their electronics from their carry-on bags while going through security.

Testing of these futuristic scanner has been ongoing since 2017. Now, about 300 of the new machines will be installed in airports across the country starting this summer. The machines are capable of detecting the contents of a bag with remarkable accuracy and detail.

Down the line, machines like this may even allow travelers to keep their liquids inside their carry-ons at security as well. Though it remains to be seen how security wait times will be impacted by the new scanners, we’re thrilled to have one less thing fret about before our flights.