Here’s Why A Runway Closure At This New York Airport Will Affect Travel For 8 Months

Travelers heading into John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York may want to plan for a bit of a delay. A runway closure is set to affect travel plans for up to eight months.

That’s right. The airport is temporarily shutting down one of their runways for much-needed repairs and refurbishment, which include widening the runway and adding new lights and signage. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous traffic the airport sees every day, this means that planes may be spending a lot more time sitting on the tarmac.

Though it might not seem like it from a passenger’s perspective, planes actually go through a complicated system of checks and taxiing before they’re able to take their position on the runway to take off. Eliminating one runway is sort of like shutting down an elevator – it means longer lines at the remaining lifts.

The Federal Aviation Administration and Port Authority estimate that the closure will likely be in effect until November 2019. In the meantime, officials are working on strategies to minimize delays and disruptions at the airport.