New Research Reveals A Surprising Number Of Passengers Find Romance On Planes

One in 50 passengers finds true love on a plane, according to a new study by the HSBC.

More than 5,000 travelers from all around the world were surveyed about their flight experiences and any love matches they may have made in the air. One in every 50 respondents reported finding the love of their life on a plane.

Perhaps even more fascinating, the survey found that two U.S. couples meet on the average flight. That means that by the time you disembark, four people on your plane have begun lasting romantic relationships.

The study also found that 14 percent of participants have started a lasting friendship aboard a plane and 16 percent have made a business connection.

Of course, if you’re not the sort to chat with strangers, there’s also nothing wrong with enjoying a good book or nap on your next flight. But you might be missing out on true love.