United Airlines Is Rolling Out A Regional Plane With A Walk-Up Bar

Unless you’re flying halfway around the world, you probably wouldn’t expect to see your plane tricked out with features like a walk-up bar and closets for carry-on luggage. However, those are just two of the features that United Airlines is adding to one unusual regional plane.

A new over-the-top domestic aircraft is being ushered into the United fleet this year. The plane will fly between Chicago, Illinois (ORD) and Bentonville, Arkansas (XNA) and offers just 50 seats. A full 20 percent of the cabin will be devoted to first class, while the rest will cater to business and economy class.

A 50-seat plane acting as regional transit isn’t strange, but the fact that this one will feature a “self-service beverage and snack station,” fast and free Wi-Fi, and closets for carry-on luggage is a little unusual.

The truth is that in order to get around legal restrictions on the types and number of planes the carrier can operate, United has converted a 50-seat plane into a luxurious craft that will hopefully cater to those wishing to get from Chicago to… Bentonville. By removing around 20 seats from the large plane, the carrier can list it as a lower occupancy craft. And they’ve used that extra space to add creature comforts. Sounds like a good reason to schedule a weekend trip to Arkansas.