This New Service Is Offer Luxury Private Jet Travel For Your Pet

How much do you love your pet? Enough to give them their very own private jet experience? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out VistaPet.

VistaPet is a brand new luxury private jet program crafted just for pets. When VistaJet passengers book a private jet experience for themselves, they now have the opportunity to add a pet package that is seriously insanely pampering.

Pets will have access to a bevy of benefits and perks. They’ll be able to attend nervous flier courses (yes, really) up to four weeks before the flight. On board, they can expect to enjoy a VistaPet Pochette travel bag full of high-quality pet toys, treats created a Michelin-starred chef, and grooming supplies. They’ll also be treated to gourmet, bio-organic pet food and comfy sleeping mats.

The company will also arrange for you to stay in a pet-friendly hotel at your destination or even attend a photography session with your creature to memorialize your travels. Prices for this service vary based on your travel itinerary and the type of jet you reserve, so click over to the VistaJet website to find out more.