TSA PreCheck Lines Might Be About To Get Significantly Longer

People who qualify for the TSA PreCheck program have thus far been able to breeze through airport security in much less time than non-PreCheck passengers. But that could be about to change.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has just announced the addition of nine new airlines to the program, which means that PreCheck travelers with tickets on those airlines will be able to access the special security lines reserved for PreCheck members. Only passengers flying on participating airlines are allowed to use the PreCheck lines.

Though this might sound like good news, it may increase the number of fliers using the PreCheck lines on any given day. This means that PreCheck lines could become longer as a result of being more airline-inclusive.

Still, using your TSA PreCheck is usually faster than braving the standard airport security line and includes perks such as the ability to pass through checkpoints without removing your shoes, large electronics, or liquids. If you’re thinking of applying, you shouldn’t be dissuaded.