The Suprisingly Logical Reason Why Planes Sometimes Fly With Only One Passenger

Have you ever been lucky enough to be the only passenger your flight? Though it might seem like a waste to launch a plane into the skies with just one seat filled, there’s actually a very logical reason that airlines do this.

It’s true that an airline is almost guaranteed to lose money by scheduling a flight with just passenger. However, canceling the flight could mean losing even more cash.

Airlines need planes to be in certain places at certain times. Most planes don’t fly back and forth between cities. Rather, the vast majority of flights fly a series of routes without returning to their original departure point.

If a flight is canceled because there’s only one passenger, that means that the plane won’t be at its intended destination to pick up what could potentially be a full passenger load.

Additionally, flight attendants often “commute” to work on flights headed to where their airline has based them for work. If a one-passenger plane doesn’t take off, that means that quite a few crew member might be left stranded as well.

So the next time you find yourself on a plane with no fellow passengers, kick back and enjoy the leg room knowing that your flight is actually super important.

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