You Might Soon Be Able To Buy Your Own Helicopter Plane Hybrid

Have a bit of pocket change and feel like taking flight? This new helicopter-plane hybrid might be the perfect splurge.

Tilt-rotor aircraft are a special type of vehicle that, until recently, have mainly been used by the military. They can hover like helicopters but fly faster and more smoothly, like an airplane. Now, they’re going into commercial production for the first time.

The AW609 is being produced by Italian aerospace company Leonardo. It is expected to be available to private consumers by 2020. It’s hoped that the vehicle will help hospitals and search and rescue operations assist people more quickly, especially since the hybrid planes can land at helipads rather than needing runway access.

Thinking of buying one? You better set aside $25 million. The new vehicle may become more affordable over time, but for now, it remains a bit out of reach for most of us.