Airplane Bathrooms Are Officially The Smallest They Will Ever Get

Airplane bathrooms. They’re not the most glamorous places and they’re usually incredibly cramped. But at least some small consolation has been given by plane manufacturers regarding ever-shrinking airplane commode.

In an interview with The Points Guy, leading aircraft bathroom manufacturers Collins Aerospace and Diehl Aviation have both stated that airplane bathrooms are currently as small as they ever will – the future doesn’t hold tinier lavatories.

These two major manufacturers are assuring fliers that the current models of airplane bathroom have hit their minimum size limits when it comes to space-saving design. Collins Aerospace makes a 24-inch bathroom that it says is the smallest it will ever produce, and Diehl’s has stated it won’t design a bathroom narrower than 31 inches.

This news is little comfort to those who already struggle to use current plane bathrooms. With more people flying than ever and the pressure to lower fares is so high, airlines are looking to cram more seats into planes. The solution is often to shrink the bathroom. Hopefully, these manufacturers will stick to their guns.