There’s A Pizza Museum Coming To New York And You’ll Want To Visit

Forget the Museum of Ice Cream. New York City’s latest museum is all about celebrating everyone’s favorite savory treat.

The Museum of Pizza will be opening its doors in N.Y.C. this coming fall. It will include an immersive and interactive gallery space where guests can explore a “za-themed art gallery, a cheese cave, and a pizza beach.” There will also be an area for “pizza meditation,” whatever that is.

Thought the opening date and location of the museum have yet to be released, pizza enthusiasts can keep tabs on the project by following the installation’s Instagram feed or checking the Museum of Pizza’s website.

This latest museum continues the trend of food-themed installations in major cities that are aimed at providing some truly eye-catching settings for the perfect Instagram post.

While details about this new museum are thin on the ground for now, you can already buy tickets for $35 each. Judging by the popularity of places like the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami or the Color Factory in San Fransisco, tickets will likely sell out fast. Click here to purchase yours.