This U.S. Hotel Has An Incredible Pillow Menu That Will Sweeten Your Dreams

You know that feeling when your pillow is the wrong level of soft or firm? It’s the worst. Trying to get comfortable when sleeping away from home can be a challenge at the best of times. Now, one U.S. hotel is offering a sweet solution.

The Benjamin Hotel in New York City allows guests to choose from an extensive “pillow menu.” That’s exactly what it sounds like – a menu of different pillow shapes, sizes, and styles. Guests can select from a range of anti-snore pillows, five-foot-long body pillows, water pillows, and more.

The hotel also offers a Rest and Renew program that caters to the sleep of guests by supplying sleep masks, soothing music to listen to, noise machines, ear plugs, and blackout curtains.

Guests can check in with a 24/7 sleep team that can dole out advice on getting the best night’s sleep possible. There’s also a special Bedtime Bites room service menu filled with treats designed to promote restful sleep. This place sounds like a dream!