You Can See The Northern Lights In America This Week – Here’s Where To Spot Them

Admiring the northern lights is a pleasure usually reserved for those in remote northern lands, but some parts of America will be treated to the spectacular show in the next few days.

The Space Weather Prediction Center has reported that a geomagnetic storm will make the northern lights visible from a few regions in America and Canada this week.

The aurora will be most easily seen in Alaska, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Maine, some parts of northern New York, and Canada’s southernmost territories.

So when can you see the aurora? The lights will be brightest between midnight on September 11 until about 6 a.m. on Wednesday, September 12. However, people in the northern states may be able to see the lights until Thursday.

Check here for more info about the event from the Space Weather Prediction Center.

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