The Best New York Pizza Isn’t Actually In New York

New York City pizza is in a league of its own. Locals love to compare notes on where to find the tastiest pies and even embroil themselves in fierce loyalty wars where their favorite pizza spots are concerned.

However, there’s recently been a big shakeup in the New York pizza scene. The New York Times just announced that New York’s best pizza is actually in…New Jersey.

Pete Wells is a food critic for the esteemed newspaper and he’s holding firm to his stance that the best New York slices can be found at Razza Pizza Artigianale, a New Jersey pizza joint that uses local ingredients and heavenly sauce to showcase dough that’s been cooked to the perfect texture.

Predictably, the internet is having a bit of a meltdown. Twitter use @ethanjsacks retorted that “the only way the best New York pizza could be found in Jersey is if a pie floated across the river,” and Wells’ article has provoke many others to defend the honor of true New York City pizza.

While Wells’ has certainly had more than a few incredible slices during his tenure as NYT food critic, he closes the article by with a decidedly pro-Jersey pizza stance: “Ed and I, having eaten a pizza and a half each, shared a single panna cotta. Then he asked me again: ‘Are you going to say that the best pizza in New York is in New Jersey?’ I am, Ed. I am.”

If you’re interested in tasting what may be the best Big Apple pies outside of the Big Apple, head to Razza at 275 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ.