These Are The Most Expensive States To Vacation In

It’s no secret that domestic travel tends to be far cheaper than jetting internationally. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t drop some serious cash vacationing right here in the U.S.

The AAA Vacation Costs Survey analyzed how much it costs for two adults to vacation in each state. As you might expect, some states are far more expensive holiday destinations than others.

Hawaii took the top spot, owing in large part to the travel expense required to even reach the island state. Lodging and meals for two adults vacationing in Hawaii was estimated to be cost an average of $792 per day. Washington D.C. and New York took second and third place, costing $574 and $319 per day, respectively.

The list below reflects the average daily cost of food and lodging for a couple vacationing in each state.

10. New Jersey – $281 per day

9. Delaware – $283 per day

8. California – $285 per day

7. Rhode Island – $286.54 per day

6. Massachusetts – $286.70 per day

5. Florida – $288 per day

4. Nevada – $300 per day

3. New York – $319 per day

2. Washington D.C. – $574 per day

1. Hawaii – $792 per day

Of course, travel expenses will vary greatly depending on how far from home you’re driving or flying. Additionally, vacation costs in states like California and New York will depend very much on your location within the state.