You Can Now Ride The Most Comfortable Buses In America For Just 99 Cents

Bus travel doesn’t exactly have a reputation for glamour, but this new company is hoping to change that.

Flixbus is a German bus network that specializes in low-cost but high-comfort travel. After five years operating in Europe, they’re finally coming to the states.

On May 31, Flixbus will launch in America with some incredibly low fares. The company will offer tickets between major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego for as little as $0.99 one way.

You might thing that prices this low mean you’ll be riding in beat-up, cramped buses. Nope. FlixBus is all about incorporating small luxuries into its buses, including free WiFi for all, on-board shows and movies that passengers can stream directly to their devices, cool LED lighting, and a whopping 31 inches of legroom. Each seat also comes with a tray table, a cup holder, and a footrest.

The company is looking to expand across the country to more than 1,000 connections by the end of 2018. Regular ticket prices will be less than $20 for short-haul trips (less than three hours) and around $45 to $50 for overnight or long-haul trips.

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