Why This Airline Has Just Been Named The Comfiest In America

A new study has just named one U.S. airline the comfiest of them all. Surprisingly, the winner is actually a budget airline.

According to personal finance site WalletHub, JetBlue has the most comfortable in-flight experience of any U.S. carrier. The evaluated 11 of the country’s largest airlines and looked at factors including everything from amenities available to seat size.

JetBlue earned top marks across the board, scoring high in terms of extra legroom and complimentary refreshments. The carrier was also lauded for its solid in-flight Wi-Fi availability and excellent entertainment options.

American Airlines took the runner-up spot, while Spirit and Frontier airlines scored the lowest out of the bunch.

If that free hot drink and package of cookies means a lot to you, it seems like flying with JetBlue is your best bet.