More People Traveled To New York City Last Year Than At Any Other Point In History

For the eighth consecutive year, New York City has experienced a record number of tourists. According to city officials, the Big Apple welcomed 62.8 million visitors in 2017, a 2.3 million increase since 2016. Here’s why more people are traveling to NYC than ever before:

Tourism is expected to exceed 65 million visitors in 2018, according to city officials, so if you are among them, you had better start making travel arrangements soon! To get you in the planning spirit, here are 21 photos that will make you want to visit New York City.

If you’ve spent time in the place known as the city that never sleeps, what particular attractions do you think are must-sees? Any advice on hotels to stay at, tours that are worth the time and money, and restaurants that should be experienced? We’d love for you to share your experiences to help other travelers have a memorable trip to New York City.