The World’s Longest Passenger Plane Has Just Been Debuted

Boeing just debuted its newest passenger plane and its set to be the longest in the skies.

The powerful Boeing 777X is “the “world’s most efficient twin-engine airplane,” according to Boeing. It also measures in at a stunning 252 feet from nose to tail, making the longest passenger plane in service today.

The 777X-9X will be able to carry 400 passengers and features overhead storage that is designed to feel more open. The planes also feature interior cabin space that is two inches wider than both the 777 and 787 Dreamliners from Boeing. Though the plane is currently undergoing testing, it is set to launch commercially in 2020.

Boeing has been facing controversy in the wake of two recent crashes of its Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. Instead of revealing the new 777X in a large media event, the company opted to debut the plan in a quieter, closed event that included only employees.