A Potentially Lethal Disease Is Spreading Through Disneyland

A potentially fatal disease has struck at least 11 people who visited Disneyland. Park officials have stated that an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease has been linked to water cooling towers at the Anaheim, California theme park.

According to the latest reports, 11 visitors to Disneyland between late August and October contracted the serious illness, which is a very rare type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria.

Four additional individuals were infected in Anaheim outside the park bounds. Two of these infected individuals have died.

The disease seems to have been spread by water vapor emitted by two of the park’s cooling towers. The towers were shut down after Disney was approached by the county health care agency on October 27. The towers have since been treated with chemicals that destroy the bacteria but have not been reopened.

Officials have stated that the water towers no longer pose a risk to visitors.