Uh Oh…This State Is The Least Healthy State In The USA

With a new health trend popping up every week, this country is definitely into keeping fit. Unfortunately, one state has emerged as the least healthy in the country.

The latest annual report released by America’s Health Rankings has ranked Mississippi as the least healthy state in the nation. This Southern state has consistently ranked in the bottom over the 28 years the report has been published. Sadly, this isn’t the first time Mississippi has taken last place.

To create the report, the AHR analyzed a massive range of data across 35 categories. They looked at things like environmental health conditions, community standards and individual behaviors like drug use and smoking. The research group also considered the quality of clinical care in each state, as well as obesity rates, health policy and air pollution.

Mississippi was joined at the bottom by Louisiana in 49th place and Arkansas in 48th place.

Though some states jumped in the rankings since 2016 – Florida and Utah rose a whole four spots – troubling trends have emerged in regard to nationwide health. Premature death rates have increased across the country for the third consecutive year, and drug-related deaths are on the rise almost everywhere.

To view the full report and see how each state ranks, click here.