West Virginia Was Just Named The Least Happy State In The US

West Virginia has officially been declared the least happy state in America. WalletHub just released the results of a comprehensive study comparing the economic, emotional, physical and social health of each state in the nation. The Mountain State ranked dead last.

The states were ranked across 28 key metrics that included everything from depression rates to sports participation to income growth. West Virginia earned a total score of 34.89 out of 100 in a ranking that considered emotional and physical well-being, work environment, community and environment. The data also suggests West Virginia has the fourth-highest share of depressed adults in the nation.

Oklahoma and Louisiana were also in the bottom three, while Minnesota secured the title of happiest state in America.

Of course, happiness is just as hard to measure as it is to manufacture. There’s no denying that West Virginia is a gorgeous state filled with countless incredible places and people. As proof, take a look at these incredible natural wonders in West Virginia.