You Won’t Believe How Many People Will Be On The Road For The 4th Of July This Year

America will be on the move this Fourth of July, and by “on the move,” we mean all at once.

AAA’s newest Travel Report estimates that a staggering 46.9 million Americans will be hitting the road and traveling 50 miles or more away from their homes for Independence Day. That’s up a full 5 percent from last year. A full 39.7 million of those people will be traveling by car.

To give you some sense of scale, the entire state of California has 39.5 million people in it. Gulp.

To combat this record-breaking amount of traffic, the advice is to try your hardest to take off early. Avoid commuting at peak hours and use alternative routes when possible. Tuesday afternoon will be the absolute work time to be on the road.

Thinking of flying instead? AAA says that you can expect to pay around $171 per person for a round-trip flight along 40 popular domestic routes. Considering the cost of gas and the frustration of stop-and-go traffic, that’s not a bad deal. If you can stomach the mile-long lines at security, that is.