Futuristic Travel Tunnels May Soon Be Popping Up Around The U.S.

The futuristic travel system Hyperloop One may be coming to select states across the country, proving that the future is now. Or at least, the future is soon.

Hyperloop uses magnetic levitation (yes, levitation) to launch passenger or cargo pods through a tube system at speeds approaching 700 mph.

Four U.S. proposals were just approved by Hyperloop One. They include routes in Florida, Colorado and Texas, as well as a Midwest route linking Pittsburgh to Chicago via Columbus.

The Hyperloop would dramatically shorten transit times between select cities. In some areas, what would be three-hour car trip today could be reduced to a 20 minute Hyperloop journey.

The proposed Texas Hyperloop would connect Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. In Florida, the super-corridor would link Miami and Orlando with what would be a 26-minute trip. The Rocky Mountain Hyperloop proposal includes a route from Denver International Airport to Greeley.

More than 2,600 proposals were considered by the company, with only 10 being approved for further exploration.

The downside for some areas is that the currently proposed routes only include a limited number of stops. For example, the Midwest Hyperloop features three stops in Chicago, Columbus and Pittsburgh. This means that passengers would have to first travel to one of these cities to hop on the Hyperloop.

A full-scale Hyperloop is currently being tested in the Nevada desert. Hyperloop service is projected to arrive by 2021.

Watch the video below for an explanation of how Hyperloop works: