Watch As Hurricane Florence Approaches With This Incredible Live Feed

Over the past week, those of us living along the East Coast have been preparing for what’s to come with Hurricane Florence. Steadily making her way toward U.S. coastlines, the Category 2 hurricane started to hit land on Thursday, flooding the Carolinas. The majority of residents living out by the water may have been evacuated but there’s still a way to know and see what’s going on out here.

There are several outlets currently live streaming as the storm makes landfall in North and South Carolina. TIME has weather cams streaming from the beach in both Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. The whipping winds show off the tremendous intensity of the storm as it blows in and the flooding from the storm surge has drowned many areas.

The TIME live stream (which can also be view on YouTube here) is also showing live footage from the dashcam of a driver moving through neighborhood streets. Dozens of uprooted trees and debris from nearby structures block many of the roads. Sheets of pouring rain make visibility increasingly difficult and evidence of flooding is clear.

34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, affixed to the historic Frying Pan Tower is an Ocean Cam that’s operated remotely has also been live streaming Hurricane Florence. On Thursday, thousands of viewers began to watch the live feed as the intense winds from the storm began whipping at such a fast rate it ultimately caused the American flag hanging at the tower to begin splitting at the seams.

Update: The Cape Fear camera is currently experiencing network issues due to the storm; however, it will resume live-streaming once the issues have been resolved. Check back throughout the day for a glimpse at the storm from this viewpoint.

The Ocean Cam’s live feed can be watched above, on YouTube here, and on all throughout the day.

Like always, during these hard times and natural disasters, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the affected areas of the United States dealing with the power of Hurricane Florence. Stay safe!