You Can Get Extra Loyalty Points At This Hotel Chain By Opting Out Of Housecleaning

If you’re a frequent traveler, hotel stays and vacation costs can add up quickly. Plenty of people are looking for any and all ways to earn free travel points, and Hyatt Hotels has an intriguing offer.

The hotel chain is reportedly testing a system that allows members of its World of Hyatt loyalty program to opt out of housecleaning services in exchange for bonus points. Yes, that’s just what it sounds like.

On stays longer than one night, guests would be able to skip maid service and grab up to 250 points instead for each day they choose to opt out. That means that your beds would go unmade, your towels would not be switched out, and any mess you make around your hotel room would be yours to deal with.

However, as most of us are probably used to not having a fresh set of sheets on the bed every night and reusing a towel or two, this offer might be appealing to guests looking to rack up points. The program also has the potential to save water and electricity, meaning it could be a greener way to travel as well.