Would You Be Brave Enough To Try This Moving Hotel Room On Wheels?

We all want to stay mobile these days, but would you dare to book a stay in a moving hotel?

Steve Lee, a designer at Toronto-based Aprilli Design Studio, has debuted an idea that may be a total game-changer for road trips.

The Autonomous Travel Suite would basically be a hotel room on wheels. It would include a mattress and sleeping area, a small kitchen, space to work, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a living area. It could sleep up to five people.

If you’re thinking that this revolutionary concept sounds a lot like an RV…you’re right. However, the Autonomous Travel Suite would also be driverless.

Lee envisions the travel suite picking customers up at their homes and ferrying them to their destinations without the for need for intervening flights, trains, or rental cars. The hotel room would operate on battery power and could drive for 10 hours without stopping.

Though driverless cars are still being trialed, Lee said that we could see the Autonomous Travel Suite on the road by 2030.